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  • Brut 2014 - Cyril Zangs

    Brut 2014

    Assemblage of 69 varieties of cider apples coming from different orchards around Glos, in the Calvados department. Complex without complex.

    5% vol - 750 ml

  • This Sider Up 2014 - Cyril Zangs

    This Sider Up 2014

    Cider apples coming from a single orchard, overlooking the sea, in the Calvados department. Nine varieties are used in its composition. The fruit has a special taste, it is made into wine separately. Racy, taut, mineral.

    5% vol - 750 ml

  • Cossais qu'on boit un coup - Cyril Zangs

    Cossais qu'on boit un coup

    Hommage to Stéphane Cossais. A 50:50 assemblage of both cuvées. A perfect balance and a superior drinkability.

    6% vol - Magnum 1,5 l

  • Ciderman - Cyril Zangs


    Brut in smaller bottles, slightly filtered. Gourmand, and with a hint of residual sugar!

    6% vol - 33 cl